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Everything About Diabetes

Everything About Diabetes

What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a persistent condition in which the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin. Insulin plays a vital role in helping the cells of the body to use the glucose that is further broken down into energy. When insulin is not present in an adequate amount or body is incapable […]Read More...

October 10, 2019 Manpreet Yomed No Comments

Anaemia and Women: The Most Common Condition in Women

Anaemia and Women: The Most Common Condition in Women

Anaemia is more common in Indian women, with around 50% of women having low haemoglobin levels. There are many reasons for iron-deficiency among women in India. Bad eating habits and not having a balanced diet and inaccessibility to healthcare facilities are among the main reasons for the higher prevalence of anaemia among Indian women. The […]Read More...

October 9, 2019 Manpreet Yomed No Comments

Fatty Liver Disease: Diagnosis and Its Symptoms

Fatty Liver Disease: Diagnosis and Its Symptoms

Fatty liver is becoming more prevalent in India now than European countries. 20% of people worldwide are affected by fatty liver. In the medical care field, it is one of the most common conditions. Our liver is the largest organ in the body. It is mainly responsible for cleaning the blood, producing bile juice, producing […]Read More...

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Blood sample collection from home: Don’t have time to go to the lab for a blood test? Book blood test at home service on your convenience. There are no extra charges for a blood sample collection from home beside the charges of a blood test. Once you get a blood test done, get your reports via email or WhatsApp.

Full Body Health Checkup: Keep an eye on your health and book full body checkups to deal with any unexpected health problem more effectively. Yomed has a wide array of health test packages including women health checkup, men health, senior citizen health checkup, corporate health checkup, advanced full body checkup, Regular health check-ups, diabetic health checkup, General health checkup, cardiac health checkup advanced level health checkups and more.

Wide Selection of Tests: Choose from a diverse range of health checkup packages at less than the market price. Yomed is partnered with the certified labs and renowned hospitals in Chandigarh.

Preventive health checkups: Take the first step towards good health and that is prevention. Detect inherent health problems early and take steps to prevent it at the right time. Choose from a wide selection of preventive health checkups that are categorized according to different age groups.

Access Reports online: View accurate and verified reports on your mail or WhatsApp. Be assured about the confidentiality of your health reports at our portal. Also, you have the ability to see your past reports.

Order lab tests online: Avoid waiting in queues for booking lab tests. Order lab tests yourself from your smartphone and also get good discounts. You can choose effectively by examining properly the details of all of the health tests provided at various pathology or diagnostic labs.

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